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This Demo was made for our Kickstarter Campaign. We got 121%  funded, thank you everyone!

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Travel back to the 90s, go through pen pal letters and old school chat systems to follow the life of Sarah, an 11 year old girl from Switzerland. Use the power of words to solve riddles, interact with her friends and decide what kind of person she’ll grow up to be.


  • genre: puzzle adventure 
  • mode: offline, single-player 
  • language: English 
  • playtime: approx. 3 hours (1 playthrough)
  • platform: PC / Mac 
  • release date: early 2021 

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"Usually, text in games is ignored or even frowned upon. That's because games impress and entertain through their interactivity while text is in comparison a rather one-sided medium. We want to turn this dynamic around and make text the main interactive element of our game!"

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Author5am Games
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Tags2D, Cute, Female Protagonist, Hand-drawn, Pixel Art, Word game


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Cute concept, I would recommend letting the player use the down button to go down the lines, so you don't have to walk to a gap (if that makes sense). Would be a helpful quality of life change!

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Glad you like it. :)
We can't do that unfortunately because it would break the game mechanic but we will implement some other fun ways on how to get around in the level!

very sweet and well paced. Sometimes i was having a hard time but at the end it was always there

Thank you Kai! We're glad you liked it :)
- Martina


This was so charming and clever! I really appreciate the core mechanic of manipulating words and items and the fact that you add a little more as the letters go on. Even switching into chat as she grew up with relevant mechanics was a nice surprise. Great art style too!

I see so much potential in where you can go with this, like her ultimately being an adult and things moving onto a smartphone. It's also the kind of game I think any age can appreciate. I hope you have a successful campaign! Good luck!

Omg, you even gave Katya a Russian accent! I love this video very much, thank you!

And thank you for making such a fun game! *double hugs* 


Lovely and smart. Good luck with the Kickstarter, it will be great to see how Sarah's story unfolds. :)


I've finished playing the demo and it is amazing! I seen how far improved since the last demo and I like the changes of communication between Sarah and her friends going from letters to chat rooms as she grows up. I can't to see more of it when it is finished.


We are so glad you enjoyed the demo. Thank you for the video! 


Made a video


Cool video! Thanks <3


Looks absolutely delightful -- good luck on your kickstarter!


Thank you!


Cara, que jogo incrível! Adorei, vocês fizeram um grande trabalho meninas c:

Muito obrigado. :D

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"Join the SIXam family"

i really, really hope this is a sims reference (sixam is maxis backwards, maxis being the studio that makes and created the sims)

omg im an idiot, it prolly means 6 am family lol. im a play this just to see now lol. beautiful art, and a wonderful concept i do look forward to it. 


Good theory! :D
The game is full of other references and bad puns so look out for those! And thank you for the kind words. :)


Wow beautiful game! Following 😍


Thank you! :D